School Chickens

Meet some other members of our school family... our chickens!

Our Chickens have Flown the Nest

February 2018

Just to say that Tenacres chickens have now flown the nest, to go and live on a nearby Farm.

The Chickens are Named!

November 2016

The children have chosen names for our school chickens. They are:

Bella, Luce, Henny-G, Heart, Tweetypie, Sheila, Julia, Eggsubator, Nugget and Chickaletta.

Our Chickens' New Home

June 2016

Our Tenacres chickens are thriving!

The ten chickens are enjoying life in their new home which is currently under going an extension. This will further enable the children to experience stroking, feeding and be able to collect the eggs! We are launching the Tenacres Chicken Enterprise next week in which our families can have a share in the enterprise.


First Appearance

April 2016

We are very 'eggcited' here at Tenacres as we have some super news. We have spent the last few months revamping our school courtyard for our chickens.

We took delivery of the eggs in the incubator on Monday 18 April, and we watched with awe and wonder as the hatching began the following day. By Thursday 21 April, all ten chicks had hatched.

Thank you to our farmer (Mrs Fletcher) who is making sure they are safe and kept warm over the weekend.