We are proud at Tenacres to be an Eco-School with Green Flag Status. We hope to prepare our children for a lifetime of sustainable living, through teaching, and example in day-to-day practices.

Our Eco theme this term is Healthy Living

Our Eco Slogan is:

Helping tomorrow, today.

Our Eco Code is:

You can use rubbish to make an extra thing,
then you will be a recycling king!
Every day and every night,
remember to recycle without a fight.
Everybody knows, that recycling is the way to go.

Let Pollution Go - January 2015
As part of our Transport topic our staff created an innovative video to capture the children's sense of awe and wonder.

Here are just some of the things we have been doing to become more ‘eco-friendly’:

  • All year groups have been very busy learning about maintaining a healthy lifestyle including 60 minutes of exercise, eating a balance diet with 5 a day, importance of drinking lots of water and sleep, plus lots more. Please see photographs of some of the activities from our Healthy Living Week below.
  • All year groups have been busy learning about pollution and why using certain types of transport are better than others. We have been very lucky to receive a visit from Great Escape Classic Car Hire who bought in lots of classic cars. The children asked lots of questions about how cars have changed and become more 'eco friendly' over the years.
  • We have been very lucky to have new vegetable planters built in our courtyard. The children loved taking part and all agree that it looks amazing. We will hopefully grow lots of fruit and vegetables during the rest of the school year. Please do have a look!
  • We hosted our very own highly successful 'Big Tidy up' in October. Children and their parents collected 12 bags of litter from our local area. Thank you to all that helped.
  • We have started our own Energy points system. We are giving energy points to classes that turn off their lights, projectors and computer monitors. The class with most points gets to keep Frank the Frog for a week. We believe it is really important to save energy in order to look after our earth.

Great fun at our parent coaching session.
Beans coming along nicely.

Look at those radishes!
The Big Dance - Healthy Living topic opener (with our parents).

Change4Life workshop for parents and the community.
Our Bees and Butterflies Garden.

A-Life - healthy living workshop and fitness sessions.
Smoothie Bike visit.

Trying on our new litter pickers tabards and caps.
We had great fun learning about transport.

Beep! Beep! We're coming through.
Busy helping measure up for our courtyard work.

Helping to saw.
Ready for our Big Tidy Up.

What a load of rubbish!