Our Staff

Meet all the lovely people who work at Tenacres!

Tenacres Staff 2014

The great pictures below were drawn by some of our pupils. If you're interested in seeing what the staff really look like, just roll your cursor over each picture, and all will be revealed!

Miss Marshall

Mrs Walters
by Cloe

Mrs Carpenter
by Charlotte

Miss Austin
by Darcie

Mrs Dearden
by Sophie

Mrs Poynton
by Neve

Mrs Duffy
by Allie

Mrs Hirst
by Millie

Miss James
by Rosie

Miss Williams

Ms Bush
by Elsa

Mrs McEvilly
by Rosie

Miss Parkinson
by Georgia

Mr Beacham
by Evelyn

Mrs Purkess
by Rosie

Mrs Longfils
by Eddie

Mrs Oakes
by Olivia

Mrs Bacon
by Megan

Mrs Enderby
by Shane

Mrs Evans
by Emily

Miss Ferris
by Millie

Mr T Fletcher
by Oliver

Mrs Hilliard
by Shannon

Mrs Hunter
by Amelia

Mrs Hood
by Megan

Mrs Hope
by Laila

Mrs Howard
by Jade

Mrs Motherwell
by Lewis

Mrs Parker
by Blige

Miss Stephens
by Oliver
Mrs Townsend
by Madison

Mrs Wadlow
by Sophie

Miss Whitehouse
by Nancy
Mrs Young
by Paulina

Miss Dennis
by Abbie

Ms Sinclair

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Miss C Marshall Headteacher
Mrs J Walters Deputy Head, Year 2 Teacher
Mrs M Carpenter School Business Manager, Clerk to Governors
Miss H Austin Reception Teacher
Mrs R Dearden Reception Teacher (maternity leave)
Mrs B Poynton Reception Teacher
Mrs L Duffy Year 1 Teacher (p/t)
Mrs K Hirst Year 1 Teacher (p/t), Mental Health Lead
Miss E James Year 1 Teacher
Miss C Williams Year 1 Teacher
Ms L Bush Year 2 Teacher
Mrs R McEvilly Year 3 Teacher
Miss E Parkinson Year 3 Teacher
Mr J Beacham Year 4 Teacher
Mrs D Purkess Year 4 Teacher
Mrs R Longfils PPA Teacher
Mrs J Oakes SENCO
Mr M Weaver Site Manager
Mrs S Bacon Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Enderby Teaching Assistant, Lunchtime Supervisor, Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mrs M Evans Teaching Assistant
Miss D Ferris Teaching Assistant, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr T Fletcher Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Hilliard Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Hunter Teaching Assistant (maternity leave)
Mrs K Hood Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Hope Teaching Assistant, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs C Howard Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Motherwell Teaching Assistant, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L Parker Teaching Assistant, Office Admininstration
Miss S Stephens Teaching Assistant (maternity leave)
Mrs J Townsend Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Wadlow Teaching Assistant
Miss S Whitehouse Teaching Assistant, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Young Teaching Assistant
Miss D Dennis Office Administration
Ms Lisa Sinclair Family Support Worker
Mrs W Fletcher Breakfast Club Supervisor
Miss J Beech Lunchtime Supervisor, Cleaner
Mrs S Clarke Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Dawson Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss A Florance Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Lakin Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss C Price Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs R Vizor Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr D Gardiner Cleaner