Year 1

Year 1 use a cross curricular approach to learning where children explore all subjects through a main topic area. During a typical week children will access mathematical activities, writing activities, phonics, PE, computing, music and other topic lessons encompassing science, humanities and the arts.

Children’s independent learning skills are developed in Year 1 as they free flow around our spacious and colourful classrooms. Each classroom includes construction, role play, investigative, creative, writing, maths and reading areas.

Year 1 staff work closely with our Foundation Stage teachers to ensure a successful transition at the end of Reception. Throughout the course of Year 1 the children’s independence and other skills are developed to gradually prepare them for more structured and formalised learning as they move through Tenacres.

To see some of the fun and interactive learning taking place in Year 1, please look at our gallery.

Curriculum Information

Find out what we are learning each term (newest at the top):


Creating 3D paper art.
Exploring number bonds to 20.

Using objects to count in 2s.
Creating junk model rockets.

Comparing numbers using greater and less than.
Exploring materials and their properties.

Creating 3D paper sculptures.