Policies and Documents

This page will provide access to certain documents that are most relevant to our parents.

School Policies

For further information or to request documents that are not on this page, or to view any of our policies in paper format, please contact the school office.


To find information about School Admissions and how to apply for school places visit Worcestershire County Council's website

School Development Plan

Our priorities and what we are focusing on this year:


Other Guides and Documents

Parents and Pupils Surveys

Here are the results of our latest survey of parents or pupils:

Covid-19 Response

Covid Advice

Financial Information

We are required to publish financial information, in accordance with the latest Government guidance, stating how many school employees (if any) have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more:

Tenacres Primary School has no individuals earning over £100,000.

View our school's financial data on the government's Schools Financial Benchmarking website, and see how it compares with other similar schools and establishments:

Schools Financial Benchmarking information for this school