Swimming at Tenacres

At Tenacres we believe learning to swim and understanding water safety is a vital life skill.

We are extremely fortunate to work with Sholfins Swim School

Children at Tenacres have swimming lessons from the Reception through to Year 4. All Year Groups attend swimming lessons throughout each year at Tenacres. Subsequently, by doing this with each year they not only develop their swimming skills, also thier knowledge and understanding of water safety further.

Due to the expertise of the instructors at the Sholfins Swim School our children make excellent progress.

Our Year 4 teachers expressed that "Many of the children were unable to swim at the start of their lessons, and it's fair to say were a little scared! However, through the encouragement of the Sholfins team, we are very pleased, and very proud, to say that 95% of the children earned their 25m swimming award, as required by the National Curriculum for KS2. Alongside this, the children were taught valuable lessons in water safety and what to do in the event of an emergency near water. We could not be prouder of them all. Well done.”

Mrs Kelly and Miss Parkinson our Year 3 teachers reports after Year 3 finished their 10 week block of lessons. "We are beyond proud of all the children’s achievements. Seeing their confidence develop alongside their swimming was such a pleasure to see. We started with very few of the 60 children swimming and we have finished with 48/60 achieving their 25m and over distance badges. 93% of the whole year group achieved some distance badge! Incredible. To think they have another block of lessons next year with Scholfins we feel that all children would have reached their 25m distance badge which children need to achieve by the end of KS2 (Year 6) before they finish at Tenacres in Year 4."

A massive thank you to the Sholfins team.

Fun in the pool