Phonics Screening 2022

Due to the Covid Lockdown the current Year 2 children did not participate in a Phonic Screening in Year 1. This cohort have recently taken their Phonic Screening as part of the Governments assessment procedures. We are very proud of the children and staff for the following results.

90% of the children achieved the benchmark (National 82% and Worcestershire 81% based on 2019 results).

Results 2019

Here are our test results for 2019 (Academic Year 2018/19).

Please note that due to Covid-19, there were no statutory tests conducted in Summer 2020 (Academic Year 2019/20) or Summer 2021 (Academic Year 2020/21).

EYFS (Reception)

Progress Tenacres Worcs National
Achieving good level of development 76% 71.2% 71.7%

Worcs and National results shown are for 2018, for comparison.

Phonics Screening Checks

Year Tenacres Worcs National
Year 1 91% 82% 81%
Year 2 96.6% 91% 91%

Key Stage 1 (End of Year 2)

Subject Tenacres* Worcs National
Reading 79.7% 75% 75%
Writing 69% 69% 69%
Mathematics 76% 75% 75%
Science 91% 82% 82%
Reading, Writing and Maths Combined 66% 64% 64%

*Note: The figure shown includes those children 'Reaching Expected Standard' plus those working 'Above' Expected Standard (ie. at Greater Depth).

School Performance Tables

For further information on our school results see our page on the Government's School and College Performance comparison website:

Link to School Performance Tables