Event - Reception Visit Ash End House Farm

17 December 2015

Reception visited Ash End House Children's Farm on the 17th of December. We had a fantastic time and were so busy! We excitedly got on a huge coach to start our trip and when we arrived we were amazed by all of the animals that we got to meet; ducks, chickens, sheep, goats, cows, horses, birds of prey and even reindeer!

We got to feed the animals and were very gentle as we stroked the new baby chicks. We found out about the animals, how they grow and change and found out what we get from them. It was amazing to discover that the milk we drink comes from cows just like the ones we met!

There was even more to our trip as we got to meet Santa and get a present from him as well as retelling the Nativity story and singing songs!

Feeding the sheep and finding out about what materials we get from them.
Getting ready to hold the baby chicks, finding out about growth and change.

Meeting Santa and getting a Christmas present!
Meeting the goats!

Retelling the Nativity story, becoming different characters - even the donkey was there!
Singing Christmas songs as we became reindeer on Santas sleigh!