Event - Reception’s Gruffalo Party

November 2014

We have really enjoyed learning about the Gruffalo. We celebrated the end of our topic with a Gruffalo shape party.

We made our own sandwiches, and cut them into different shapes. We also had party food that was different shapes. We are great at naming our shapes, and talking about the properties of shapes.

We enjoyed playing party games and even played shape pass the parcel! It was very exciting when the Gruffalo visited!

Working together to make sandwiches for our party.
We are learning to recognise and talk about shapes. We made different shaped sandwiches.

We had different shaped party food!
The Gruffalo came to the party!

We played 'shape' pass the parcel. we had to answer the clues to guess the shapes!
Taking turns at pass the parcel.

We had a great time at our party.