Event - Multicultural Week

5 to 8 January 2016

We had a super start to the New Year with a whole school multicultural week.

Tenacres went around the world and learned about different countries and cultures. We enjoyed joining in with a range of exciting activities including food tasting, dancing, cooking, creating multi cultural artwork and listening to stories in different languages.

We had lots of visitors including Parents and Carers to come and share their own cultures and religions.

Thank you to all of the parents that came in to read a story in their home language. We have really enjoyed learning some words in different languages.

Reception learnt about Buddhism.
Reception doing some yoga moves. Thank you to Eva's daddy.

Reception learning a Chinese Dragon dance.
The Polish children ran a snack bar.

We learnt some Polish vocabulary.
Looking for Poland on the map.

Year 3 learnt about Brazil.
Year 3 having fun Samba dancing.

Year 1 tried an Indian Bollywood dance.
Year 1 learning about India, and building the Taj Mahal!

Indian food tasting in Year 1.
Year 2 have a go at the Chinese Dragon dance.