Event - Year 4 on the Severn Valley Railway

14 June 2013

On Friday 14th June, Year 4 staff and pupils travelled back in time on the Severn Valley Railway. Everyone dressed in period clothes including gas masks and name labels.

Mrs Pennell's class waiting to catch the train to be evacuated.
Mr Durnall's class of evacuees.

Boys playing soldiers.
A supply of sandbags at the station.

Metal items were collected to manufacture planes,
It was a tight squeeze in the air raid shelter.

Waiting to catch the steam train.
Trying out our gas masks.

Gas masks were always ready to hand.
Mr Durnall was removed from the train as a suspected spy.

Will Mr Durnall be released?
Sounding the air raid siren.

Sorting the mail in a railway carriage.
Putting things into the right pigeon holes.

With our suitcases containing a few possessions.
Four evacuees.

On the railway bridge steps at Highley Station. Looking forward to returning to Redditch.